Suspended University of Missouri Professor Melissa Click will not face a third-degree assault charge if she meets the condititions of a deal with prosecutors.

MU Assistant Professor Melissa Click seemed to be instructing students and protesters to block reporters attempting to access protesters’ campsite on public ground. (photo from video by Mark Schierbecker)

MU Assistant Professor Melissa Click  (photo from video by Mark Schierbecker)

Click, who called for “some muscle” to block reporters during last fall’s protests on the Columbia campus, must complete 20-hours of community service and commit no violations for one year. She agreed to waive the statute of limitation on the assault charge, which she had pleaded not guilty to earlier this week.

Click was suspended by the MU Board of Curators Wednesday. More than 100 state lawmakers and a member of the Board of Curators had called for her to be fired. In response more than 100 faculty members wrote a letter supporting her.

On Monday, interim Chancellor Hank Foley said he would not rush a decision on whether to fire her or her tenure status.