Maty Mauk's suspension opens the door for Drew Lock

Maty Mauk

Mizzou senior linebacker Michael Scherer has been active in supporting suspended quarterback Maty Mauk, after it was learned the video that was released showing Mauk appearing to snort a white substance, was two years old.

According to media reports, Mauk’s first suspension back on September 29th was due to a failed drug test.

Scherer tweeted: “I will say yes the video is very old, yes Maty has been doing everything he can to be a better person and yes you should look at yourself in the mirror before pointing out someone else’s problems. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.”

There were false media reports that Scherer was involved in the video, which he vehemently denied.

“Just to clarify I had no part in anything related to the video some reporters like to write false things but what’s new.”

Just five days after Mauk was reinstated on October 25th, Mauk was suspended a second time after he was spotted having a dispute outside a Columbia bar just hours after apologizing to teammates.  On December 23rd, new head coach Barry Odom announced that Mauk was reinstated and would compete for the starting quarterback job.

Since the video was from two years ago, and Mauk’s first suspension was not related to that video, Odom and Rhoades will be closely watched to see how they handle this situation.  This could technically be a new “offense” for breaking team rules if it is unrelated to the alleged failed drug test.  However, if Mauk has been taking the proper steps to get healthy and stay drug free, would it be unfair for new punishment to be handed down retroactively?