Screenshot of the alleged video that led to Maty Mauk's suspension

Screenshot of the alleged video that led to Maty Mauk’s suspension

Well, the video certainly doesn’t look good.  In a grainy, nine-second video, it appears as if Mizzou quarterback Maty Mauk is leaning over a table, sniffing a white substance.

That video made the rounds on social media and it led to Missouri Head Football Coach Barry Odom and A.D. Mack Rhoades suspending Mauk for the third time in his career while they gather more information.

This latest suspension was appropriate and the right thing to do, but before you join in the onslaught of public opinion which will most likely call for Mauk to be cut from the team, one must consider the following before passing final judgment.

Watch the video

First, I’m not condoning or giving sympathy to Mauk.  While there have been rumors as to why Mauk has been suspended, I never reported on those rumors, because I could not verify.  However, as a logical person, it seems reasonable to connect the dots and draw a conclusion as to why Mauk may have been previously suspended.

What we don’t know about the video that surfaced Monday night is when the video was shot.  While the video is dark and grainy, it certainly looks like Mauk.  However, what if this video was from months ago, taken before Mauk was suspended the first or second time and video only confirms what Pinkel already knew when he handed down one of those suspensions?  Then this really isn’t new evidence and Mauk has already served his suspensions and met the requirements for Coach Odom to reinstate him.

However, if this video was shot after Mauk had been reinstated by Odom, then of course the athletic department will have to make a decision on his future…and it likely ends his collegiate football career at Missouri.

The third scenario is that if Mauk was suspended the first and second times for something unrelated to what the video allegedly shows, then again the athletic department will have to make a decision on his future, which won’t look good.

Lastly, I like to play Devil’s Advocate.  Let’s just watch the video again and set aside the rumors you’ve heard and prejudices you may hold.  Do we know for sure what Mauk is doing in the video?

We don’t really know what’s on the table.  At first glance, if we had to make a guess, we know what our first answer would be.  I would say cocaine, but we don’t know with 100% certainty.  Also, I’ve watched the video at least 20 times and the white substance that is on the table, never really appears to go up Mauk’s nose.  That white line never moves.  So we’re not sure Mauk tried snorting cocaine, sugar, flour, whatever.  I can’t say with 100% certainty that whatever is on that table made it up Mauk’s nose.

If it is a prank video, it’s a dumb prank, I mean a really dumb prank.

However this plays out, Mauk may have put himself in a bad situation.  It shows just how immature this guy is and that he may also need some serious help.

The job is now up to Odom and Rhoades to determine the facts about this video.