Senator David Sater (R-Cassville) wants confirmation that people getting Medicaid are actually eligible for it, and he’s proposing the state hire someone else to check.  He said it would save the state millions of dollars.

Senator David Sater (R) (photo courtesy; Missouri Senate)

Senator David Sater (R) (photo courtesy; Missouri Senate)

“If we’re paying out money to people who are not eligible, that is taking away money that would go to people that are eligible and need services,” said Sater.

Those who would be affected include Missourians receiving food stamps, temporary assistance for needy families, child care assistance and MO HealthNet benefits.

The company the state contracts with would flag those it thinks aren’t eligible but the Department of Social Services would make the final decision.

“It has proven that way in other states that people have passed away and there was not an up to date notification,” said Sater. “People have moved out of state and people get jobs.”

The state and the company would be required to file an annual report with the Governor and the General Assembly regarding the eligibility data.

Sater said the Department of Social Services supports the legislation.

He offered the bill for the first time last year. It passed in the Senate but the House didn’t vote on it.