St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay (photo/City of St. Louis)

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay (photo/City of St. Louis)

I understand St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay is sticking up for his city and his citizens, who tried their best to support the Rams during their 20 years in the Midwest.  At some point, Slay, the fans, and local St. Louis media has to realize this is nothing more than a business decision for Stan Kroenke.

First, Slay points out to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, that he actually never met Stan Kroenke.  Slay talks about the open dialogue he had with former owner Georgia Frontiere.  The difference is that Ms. Frontiere wanted to move the team to St. Louis and this was her first and only priority…owning the team.  She wanted to make this work from the beginning.  Mr. Kroenke on the other hand wants out and has mostly likely been eyeing this situation since he took over majority ownership from the team.  Was their ever a need for Kroenke to be friendly?

Mayor Slay is right that St. Louis fans are loyal and in his words, “when a professional team tries hard to succeed, wins more than it loses, and treats its fan base and community with respect, they will go to the games.”

The product that the Rams have put on the field has produced nine straight losing seasons, two .500 seasons and one winning record since appearing in their second Super Bowl.  That won’t draw much fan support.  However, lack of success is nothing new for the Rams, who have produced just 10 winning seasons since 1980.

Slay voices his disappointment in how St. Louis is being portrayed by the Rams and he has a right to defend his city and people…I applaud him for that…However, to then reach out and express an interest in discussing the matter further with Goodell, in hopes of keeping this thing alive…that’s where I have the issue.

The Rams have made it clear they want the relationship to end.  The NFL will make up their mind next week.  It does not look good for St. Louis.

If Mayor Slay was my bro, I’d tell him…when the girl sends you a text that it’s over, and says she sees no future with you, no matter how hard you try to show her the good things you’ve done for her, she’s moved on.  Yeah go ahead,  send her a text back telling her she doesn’t realize how good she’s had it, if it makes you feel better.  But dude,  you can’t go crawling back on your knees asking her for another chance. That’s pathetic.

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