Right-to-work is going to need more backing in the state House for it to receive time in the state Senate in 2016, according to the latter chamber’s leader.

Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard

Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard

After leading an effort to bring that issue to a vote last session, Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard (R-Joplin) says it isn’t likely to have the support it needs in the House for the Senate to consider it.

“Right-to-work is going to need 109 votes [in the state House],” Richard told Missourinet. “I’m not sure in an election year they have that. They may be working on it but the speaker [of the House] hasn’t told me exactly his plan for that. But that’s not really an issue that I’m too involved in right now.”

Richard said what happened with that proposal this year has served a purpose.

“We made it an issue for the governor’s race. That was important,” said Richard.

The state’s four Republican candidates for governor are supportive of right-to-work while the only Democrat candidate, Chris Koster, opposes it.

The state House Speaker, Todd Richardson (R-Poplar Bluff), told Missourinet his caucus hasn’t made an “official decision” on what will happen with right-to-work in the new session.