A federal judge’s ruling Wednesday allows Planned Parenthood in Columbia to keep its license to perform abortions, at least for now. Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri CEO Laura McQuade said the organization filed a lawsuit to prevent the Department of Health from revoking that license.

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Judge extends order allowing Columbia Planned Parenthood to keep abortion license

“We believe that the state is treating us differently than they treat other ambulatory surgical centers and as of right now, Judge Laughrey agrees. If they were to revoke the license, there is a formal appeal process but we have no desire or intention of getting to that point, which is why we filed the lawsuit,” said McQuade.

In September, the University of Missouri ended the privileges Dr. Colleen McNicholas claimed allowed her to perform abortions, which would have cost the facility its license.

“It could be at risk again. This has nothing to do with meeting the licensing requirements. This has to do with politics,” said McQuade.

McQuade said the clinic continues to work with McNicholas to have her privileges restored.

“Our goal is to ensure that she has the privileges she needs to provide services through Planned Parenthood of Kansas and mid-Missouri for the women in mid-Missouri,” said McQuade.

McQuade said McNicholas’ privileges were sufficient to meet the requirements of state law, though some Republicans disagree.

Planned Parenthood is seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent the state from revoking the clinic’s license during litigation. The Republican Senate Leader questions whether the federal court has jurisdiction to consider the matter.