A group of Mizzou alumni is not happy with how protesters acted on campus last week. Russ Jones is with “Truth Matters MU.”  He said demonstrators unfairly portrayed the University of Missouri.

University of Missouri leaders say no current threats to campus safety

Some MU alumni say last week’s protests unfairly portray the University of Missouri

“For a week, we watched these protesters go virtually unchallenged. In the media industry, there’s a yin and a yang. I’m not sure if we are the yin or the yang,” said Jones. “There wasn’t another side and the administrators were dumfounded, sideswiped and we watched two Mizzou leaders publicly shamed and condemned before the world. For a lot of alumni, we were scratching our heads going ‘Is this my Mizzou Tigers? Is this the campus we all know and love and our blood runs black and gold,”’ said Jones.

He said the group is trying to bring students and staff together to address racial issues at Mizzou.

We’re not here to squelch conversation or dialogue,” said Jones. “We’re just saying we want to help if there are issues but there’s a better way to do it.”

MU President Tim Wolfe resigned last week after students, faculty and the football team called for his removal for the college’s handling of recent incidents of racism on campus. Hours later, Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin said he was taking a research job at the university.