Pheasant hunting is allowed in all of the state during the upcoming season. Previously, pheasants could only be harvested in the northern half and a portion of southeast Missouri.

Photo courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conservation

Photo courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conservation

Charles Anderson with the Missouri Department of Conservation said there are two reasons for the change.

“Rather than having two zones, it simplifies the regulations and then provides opportunity in those outskirt areas,” said Anderson. “The primary pheasant zones are in northern and southeastern Missouri, but there are occasional areas where pheasants do occur outside those areas. So, it provides opportunity to sportsmen to harvest those on occasion.”

Anderson said population was not a factor in the expansion.

“It does not signify that there’s an expansion in the population or that pheasants are found throughout the state. Pheasants are not found throughout the state. We do not have, in numerous areas of the state, we just do not have the habitat that supports pheasants,” said Anderson.

The hunting season starts with a youth-only weekend October 24 and 25 and the regular season is from November 1 through January 15, 2016.

Hunting is limited to male pheasants only. The daily bag limit is two male birds and the possession limit is four.