Tim Rulo, the head football coach at Helias Catholic in Jefferson City, used video replays on the sidelines last season at South Callaway and took his team to the Show-Me Bowl.  Blue Springs South head coach Greg Oder was beat a couple of times by teams using video replays and has installed a video system for his Jaguars football team to compete at a higher level.

MSHSAA’s Communications Director, Jason West, tells us that the use of watching videos on the sidelines or in the dugouts is legal and is open for use by any Missouri high school team.  What video replay allows teams to do, particularly in football, is after the offense comes off the field, view plays on a monitor to see how the opposing defense is reacting.  It allows for adjustments.  The same can be said for a team’s defense as well.

Video could also be used by baseball or softball teams, if players want to use video to analyze their swing or for a pitcher to examine their mechanics.

West joins me on our latest discussion as we talk about how to balance technology and fairness in sports.