Ameren has started moving spent fuel into its new dry cask storage facility in Callaway County that will hold a portion of that fuel. Shannon Abel with Ameren said the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is also involved in the move to ensure the process is done safely.

Ameren's dry storage canisters

Ameren’s dry storage canisters

“We have lots of regulatory oversight to ensure that this is done correctly and safely,” said Abel.

Abel said there have been five successful trials runs completed prior to moving the spent fuel. He said the move is another safe method to store its fuel.

“All we are doing is moving from a pool of water into a dry storage canister. From a safety standpoint, we are every bit as safe or probably more than the original design,” said Abel.

The process to move fuel to the new facility began this week and will continue for the next 6-8 weeks.

“This is our first opportunity to move used fuel out of the spent fuel pit and into dry storage canisters. It’s new to us, but not new to the country,” Abel told Missourinet.

The cost of the facility was undisclosed, but Ameren said the cost of the project does not affect rates for customers.