From the very beginning of this whole saga of whether or not the Rams would stay in St. Louis, I’ve been predicting that Stan Kroenke would pull the team out of Missouri and move them back to Los Angeles.  When the St. Louis Sports Commission and the team were miles apart on how many dollars it would take to upgrade the dome, to Kroenke purchasing land in Inglewood, now to his latest P.R. move, it doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.

I’m amazed that I’ve never heard one person raise suspicion about how odd it seemed that the Rams would spend a few days practicing with the Dallas Cowboys about an hour west of where Kroenke wants to build a stadium and move the team.

It was a brilliant move by Kroenke.  ESPN and the L.A. Time reported thousands of fans showed up with chants of “L.A. Rams” as the team got off the bus.  Tight end Jared Cook said they had more fans there than the Cowboys at their regular training camp site. Kroenke even showed up and met with the Rams players.

The guy knows what he’s doing and when his team is jockeying for an L.A. address with San Diego and Oakland, he goes out and gets Jerry Jones on his side. He shows the rest of the NFL owners, the L.A. fans want their Rams back.

It’s gonna happen.

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