The state Senate has formed a committee that will conduct its own investigation into the operations of Planned Parenthood in Missouri, in light of allegations that organization is profiting from the sale of fetal organs.

Senator Budget Committee Chairman Kurt Schaefer (photo courtesy; Missouri Senate Communications)

Senator Kurt Schaefer (photo courtesy; Missouri Senate Communications)

Senate Leader Tom Dempsey (R-St. Charles) called those alleged practices, “appalling.”

“This type of action demands a legislative investigation,” wrote Dempsey in a statement. “I am tasking this interim committee to find out exactly what is going on behind closed doors.”

Dempsey appointed Senator Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) the chairman of the new Interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life. He said if the allegations are proven true, the Planned Parenthood facility in St. Louis – until August the only one in Missouri performing abortions – should lose its license and be stripped of federal funding.

“Missourians deserve to know the truth behind this potentially atrocious violation of our state laws and humane values,” said Schaefer. “Over the next few months this committee will conduct a rigorous investigation into the monstrous and inconceivable acts carried out by Planned Parenthood.”

The seven-member committee will conduct an in-depth analysis of the Planned Parenthood business model and methods for disposing of human remains from aborted fetuses, and determining whether state dollars have been used directly in any such activity, as well as other duties. It will report to the General Assembly by December 1.

Planned Parenthood maintains that the allegation that it profits from tissue donation or illegal activity is not true. It says its Missouri affiliates do not participate in tissue donation programs and follow all laws using the highest medical and ethical standards. It calls the investigations into those allegations, “political grandstanding.”

Calls seeking an interview with Planned Parenthood have gone unreturned.

The state Senate joins two House committees and Attorney General Chris Koster in launching investigations into those allegations.

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