Attorney General Chris Koster has filed a lawsuit against the United States Secretary of Agriculture, in an attempt to secure more time for Missouri farmers to report acreage without losing eligibility for crop insurance. Koster says Missouri farmers’ planting seasons have been pushed back due to heavy rainfall, leaving many of them unable to meet USDA’s deadline for filing.

Attorney General Chris Koster announces plea agreement at the Supreme Court Building.

Attorney General Chris Koster

“Missouri farmers rely on the availability of insurance to guard their crops against events beyond their control,” Koster said. “USDA should not punish farmers whose planting was delayed by unexpected rain and flooding by enforcing an arbitrary deadline. Millions of dollars in Missouri agriculture is at risk, and we will fight to make sure these resources are protected.”

USDA requires farmers to report planted acreage by a fixed deadline, which for those in northwest Missouri was Wednesday.

Koster filed the suit in federal court in the Western District of Missouri. He argues that the rain and flooding presented extraordinary circumstances and necessitate an extension of USDA’s deadline.

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