The bill called “right to work” by its supporters and “right to work for free” by opponents was the cause of much of the drama in the final week of the Missouri legislative session, and now Governor Jay Nixon confirms he won’t hesitate to use his veto pen on it.

Governor Jay Nixon

Governor Jay Nixon

Senate Republicans forced a vote on the legislation and in response Democrats blocked debate the rest of the week.  The bill would prevent workers from having to pay union dues as a requirement for employment.  It also included a provision that would make any violation of it a misdemeanor, and make a violator subject to unlimited civil penalties.

“The bill to make Missouri a so-called ‘Right-to-Work’ state would stifle our economic growth, weaken the middle class – and even subject Missouri employers to criminal and unlimited civil liability,” said Nixon.

“It’s clear that attacking workers and threatening businesses is the wrong economic development strategy for our state and it’s not what Missourians sent us here to do.”

The Governor says he’ll expend energy drumming up opposition to a possible override.

If backers of the bill don’t find more “yay” votes than it got in passing out of the House and Senate, they won’t have enough to overturn the Governor’s veto.