Federal officials say three people in Kansas have died from Listeriosis, from bacteria that has been linked to certain Blue Bell ice cream products. The bacteria made two other people in Kansas sick.

Blue Belle provided this image of the products in the recall.

Blue Bell provided this image of the products in the recall.

The company is urging consumers to throw out uneaten products with certain product codes and contact a doctor if they experience fever and muscle aches, diarrhea, or other symptoms after eating those products. Consumers who purchased affected products are also urged to wash and sanitize refrigerators, food preparation surfaces, utensils, and anything else that came in contact with them.

See a list of the products and product codes in the recall

The Food and Drug Administration says Listeriosis can be fatal especially in certain high-risk groups.

The bacteria was traced back to a single product line at Blue Bell Creameries’ facility in Brenham, Texas. The company says all affected products have been removed from the market.

The Administration says those who became sick experienced an onset of symptoms between January 2014 and January 2015.

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