Christian Lighthouse Chargers Home School football team

Christian Lighthouse Chargers Home School football team

Back on February 19th, a state house bill was presented that would allow home-schooled students with passing grades to participate in MSHSAA programs. It was the same bill that was proposed the last year, but it did not make it out of the House.

This year, the bill, sponsored by State Representative Elijah Haahr (R-Springfield), is gaining traction.  The argument for the passage of the bill is it would give home schooled kids in rural areas an opportunity to play sports closer to home and perhaps give those students an opportunity to excel at a sport that could lead to scholarships.

Read our story on Rep. Haahr’s bill and why he’s in favor.

On one Google Hangout you can watch below, I talk with Dr Kerwin Urhahn the executive director of MSHSAA, who says member schools are against the idea. There are also those involved with home school athletics who think there could be compromise.  On our second Google Hangout is David Staley, a home school football coach for the Lighthouse Christian Chargers football team in Springfield.

Watch the Dr. Kerwin Urhahn Hangout

Watch the David Staley Hangout