(Screen capture from LATimes.com, showing Kroenke's layout for Inglewood Stadium)

(Screen capture from LATimes.com, showing Kroenke’s layout for Inglewood Stadium)

The Los Angeles area is closer to landing an NFL team, after the city council of Inglewood, Calif., approved a proposal for an 80,000-seat NFL stadium. The development plan includes St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke.  Last Friday, the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders announced they might share a new stadium in Carson, just south of Los Angeles. Both of those teams are also negotiating for new stadiums in their host cities.

The proposals are expensive: the Inglewood proposal would cost around $2 billion, and the Carson plan would cost $1.7 billion.

The City Council of Inglewood voted to approve the $2 billion, 80,000-seat stadium plans for the stadium.  Many fans packed the meeting wearing Rams jerseys.

Dave Peacock, St. Louis NFL stadium task force co-chair, released the following statement:

As always, our focus is 100 percent committed to keeping the Rams here in their home of St. Louis and ensuring that we remain an NFL city for generations to come. We continue to make excellent progress on our NFL riverfront stadium project in St. Louis and continue to meet regularly with the NFL and the Rams. Be assured, we will have more progress to share in the weeks ahead.

Before any NFL team moves to the Los Angeles area, at least three-quarters of the league’s team owners would have to approve the deal.