Family and friends of Jill Frey have witnessed the execution of her murderer, Walter Storey, early this morning at a state prison in Bonne Terre.

A family member holds up a picture of Jill Frey.

A family member holds up a picture of Jill Frey.

Storey was sentenced to death for the brutal slashing of Frey, a special education teacher, in 1990.

Jill’s brother, Jeff Frey spoke on behalf of family and friends after the execution.  He said the tragedy took its toll on their parents who followed every step of the case hoping to find closure.  Jill Frey’s dad passed away shortly after Storey’s 3rd trial.  Her mother passed away in 2011, six months after the family received news that the U.S. Supreme Court denied Storey’s final appeal.

Jeff accuses the court system of playing politics and protecting murderers when surveys show that from 60-70 percent of Americans support the death penalty.

“The system allowed this terrorist to beat it for 25 years,” said Frey.  “It is sad all the lawsuits and dollars wasted over the drugs used in carrying out these executions.”