Sir Winston Churchill has been honored at Westminster College in Fulton on the 50th anniversary of his death Saturday.

Governor Jay Nixon (Photo Courtesy of Dak Dillon)

Governor Jay Nixon (Photo Courtesy of Dak Dillon)

The service to honor the life, work, and achievements of Churchill was attended by Churchill’s granddaughter, Edwina Sandys, great-grandson, Duncan Sandys, and the British Ambassador to the United States Sir Peter Westmacott.  Governor Jay Nixon was also on hand to give the opening remarks at the remembrance service held in the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury.

Governor Nixon said feelings of admiration and affection for Churchill were shared by fellow Missourian Harry S. Truman.

“Both were plain-spoken men whose leadership was tested in the crucible of the mid-twentieth century.  When President Truman hand wrote a personal note on Westminster College’s invitation to the former Prime Minister, it helped set into motion the events that forever linked this school and the state of Missouri with Mr. Churchill,” said Nixon.

Sir Winston Churchill's great-grandson Duncan Sandys (Photo Courtesy of Dak Dillon)

Sir Winston Churchill’s great-grandson Duncan Sandys (Photo Courtesy of Dak Dillon)

Duncan Sandys said it was fitting that the memorial service took place in a church designed by Christopher Wren because Churchill’s funeral took place in another church designed by the same architect.  Sandys thanked the museum and college for keeping his great-grandfather’s memory and legacy alive.

“I think that bringing the legacy of Winston Churchill, the story of Winston Churchill to the next generation is so important.  It’s something that with my six-year-old son, I’ve enjoyed introducing him to our family legacy,” said Sandys.

Sir Peter Westmacott said Churchill always saw a deep connection between Britain and America.

“Enhancing our liberty and strengthening our democracy remains a common goal for both our countries,” said Westmacott.  “I think we best honor Churchill’s legacy by doing all we can to ensure progress worldwide towards those goals.”

British Ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott Photo Courtesy of Dak Dillon)

British Ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott (Photo Courtesy of Dak Dillon)

The service was one of the first in a series of educational and cultural Churchill-related events planned throughout the year and around the world to celebrate and advance his living legacy.

Listen to Sir Winston Churchill’s entire remembrance service