Missouri's Director of Athletics Mike Alden explains the new full cost of attendance.  (photo/Bill Pollock)

Missouri’s Director of Athletics Mike Alden explains the new full cost of attendance. (photo/Bill Pollock)

University of Missouri’s Director of Athletics Mike Alden said the Mizzou Athletic Department will “opt-in,” and pay it’s scholarship student-athletes for personal expenses.  A decision that was voted on over the weekend at the NCAA convention.

Full cost of attendance passed on a 79-1 vote from the panel comprised of 15 student-athletes and the 65 schools of the  Power Five football-driven leagues, including the SEC.

Stipends, that redefine athletic scholarships beyond the traditional room, board, books and feesd, will be determined by institutions under federally created guidelines, which have been estimated at $2,000 to $4,000 annually. Alden said the ballpark figure that Missouri would pay full-ride scholarship student athletes is in the $3,000 per year range.  Those students who are on partial scholarships, would have their stipend prorated.  This measure is designed to cover the cost-of-living expenses that fall outside athletic scholarships and take some heat off of college programs who have been criticized for exploiting college athletes.

The Power Five conferences as well as other non-football playing Division I conferences can opt of the “full cost of attendance,” measure.

It remains to be seen how the state’s other NCAA programs such as Saint Louis University, Southeast Missouri State, Missouri State and UMKC will handle the new initiative.

Alden estimates it will cost the university’s athletic department an additional $1 million in operating costs, which have already been budgeted for the upcoming fiscal year.

Alden says he’s confident the athletic department will cover the additional costs through increased season ticket sales, Tiger Scholarship Fund donations and the growth of revenues from the SEC Network.  Alden said the costs will not be directly forwarded onto fans.  He also anticipates season football ticket prices to remain the same.

Listen to Mike Alden’s Q & A press conference.