Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is joining Ferguson business leaders and residents, and Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder in calling on the federal Justice Department to wrap up its investigation of the Michael Brown shooting.

Nixon says part of the reason he asked Attorney General Eric Holder to have FBI agents and St. Louis County investigators conduct interviews together was for expediency.

“They need to get to the finish line. I mean, the facts are the facts,” Nixon told reporters Wednesday morning.

Ferguson-area businesses and residents, through an attorney, issued a letter to Holder December 22 urging that the Justice Department’s findings be released, saying the delay in a report, “leaves this community feeling confused, fearful, anxious, angry and conflicted.”

Lieutenant Governor Kinder sent a similar letter several days earlier.

Nixon said, “it’d be good for them to get done. I don’t disagree with those that call on the Justice Department to get to a conclusion.”

The Justice Department is looking into the practices of the Ferguson Police Department and conducting a civil rights investigation into the shooting of Brown by a Ferguson police officer.