The movie at the heart of an international incident will be shown after all, including at theaters in Missouri.

The release poster for The Interview.

The release poster for The Interview.

Sony Entertainment has decided to move forward with a limited release of “The Interview;” a film that resulted in Sony being hacked and some of its secrets being released, and threats of a terroristic response if the film would be released.

The film is a comedy about a plot to have two journalists played by James Franco and Seth Rogen assassinate North Korean leader Kim John Un after booking an interview with him.

One theater in Missouri that will show it is the Ragtag Cinema, a small independent venue in Columbia that typically caters to independent films.

“I don’t think there’s enough here for me, personally, to believe that there’s going to be any actual threats that comes along with this release,” Chris Boekmann with the Ragtag Cinema told Missourinet.

Boekmann is Ragtag Cinema’s Associate Programmer and helps select what films the theater will show. He acknowledges the theater normally wouldn’t get the chance to screen a major budget movie.

“It was a very last-minute sort of decision. For at least the past few days Sony was not going to be booking the movie in theaters across the country, but they changed their mind. I’m guessing there were a number of factors that went into that but I can’t speak for them.”

Theaters in Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield are also among those that will show the movie in Missouri.

President Obama, who last week had said Sony made “a mistake” in its decision not to release the film, was pleased the company changed its mind.

“The president applauds Sony’s decision to authorize screenings of the film,” the president’s spokesman said in a statement to Politico.

Boekmann says the film has taken on a broader meaning.

“If you care about freedom of speech and freedom of expression, the idea that you should let some mysterious entity prevent you from speaking your mind is a little bit ludicrous,” he said.

Many theaters will begin showing “The Interview” on Christmas Day. The Ragtag Cinema already had films scheduled that it didn’t want to bump, so its showings will begin Friday night and run through at least Tuesday, Boekmann told Missourinet.

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