Bill and Jim LowI didn’t realize that perhaps the most fun I would have during my Adult Onset Hunting experience would be the last day…the cooking segment.  At the beginning, I was just excited to become a licensed hunter and to be able to get some work done on the range.

I set a goal for myself to harvest a deer and a duck.  While I only came through on 50% of that, (harvesting a doe), I was very satisfied with me overall performance.

Yet, the preparing, the cooking and then enjoying a meal that came from all my hard work was much more rewarding that I expected.  This is what hunting is all about.  Being able to provide food for family and friends and offer a healthy food alternative.

Bringing food from the field to the table completes the circle.  I was fortunate to have two mentors who were able to take me every step of the way, including this final segment in the kitchen.

You’ll watch Jim Low and Kyle Lairmore as they show us some great recipes for duck and deer and how easy it is to prepare.  Join us on the final Google Hangout of this series.  For more additional information on the deer recipes, find the attachment below this Google Hangout.

Deer recipes