A state representative wants to make it a crime to post an ad on the internet if the person posting it knows it could result in human trafficking.

The bill filed by Elijah Haahr to deal with the Second Injury Fund is his first.  (Photo courtesy; Missouri House Communications)

Representative Elijah Haahr (Photo courtesy; Missouri House Communications)

It could be an ad anywhere – on websites such as Craigslist or Backpage, or even on a gas station bathroom wall. If the person that posts that ad knows that it might result in human trafficking, House Bill 152 would make that person guilty of sexual trafficking of a child; a felony that carries a penalty of up to life in prison.

It’s been filed by Springfield representative Elijah Haahr.

“Not only would these be the people that are providing the victim, but it would also go after some middle people. Some middle men that be profiting from putting the victims in contact with the people that are using them,” Haahr told Missourinet.

Haahr says the idea is based on the SAVE Act, making its way through Congress. He decided a similar law should be in place in Missouri.

“I recognize it’s a fairly serious epidemic nationally, internationally, but also in the Midwest,” said Haahr.

It will be considered in the legislative session that begins in three weeks.