Mizzou head football coach Gary Pinkel released a statement Sunday evening on the hiring of his defensive coordinator Dave Steckel to the Missouri State Bears.

“We’re so happy for Stec having the opportunity to run his own program.  He’s wanted to be a head coach for a long time now, and it’s exciting for all of us that he’s got his chance.  Stec is going to do a great job at Missouri State, and I’m just so appreciative for all of the great things he’s done to help us build our program at Mizzou.  We’ve worked together for close to 20 years and it’s going to be strange to not have him around.  We’re grateful that he’s able to stay with us through our bowl game, and it’s going to be important for us to send him out the right way.  Missouri State is getting a guy who is an outstanding coach, an even better family man, and someone who really cares about people.”