Russell Hansbrough (photo/Mizzou Athletics)

Russell Hansbrough (photo/Mizzou Athletics)

– Arkansas starts the quarter with the ball at their own 40 yard line and after gaining one first down the Tigers defense gets a stop and forces a punt.  A 38 yard punt gives Mizzou the ball at their own 9 yard line with 13:05 left in the quarter.

– Mizzou would put together a terrific drive that would stall at the Arkansas 18 yard line.   Andrew Baggett is called on to attempt a 35 yard field goal but the kick is block by Dan Skipper and Arkansas maintains a 14-6 lead with 7:42 left in the quarter.  Maty Mauk and Bud Sasser were instrumental in the drive but a penalty by Sasser for unsposrtmanlike conduct slowed the drive late.

– Arkansas would get a big play on special teams on their drive when they pick up a first down on a 23 yard fake punt carry by punter Sam Irwin-Hill but the defense would eventually get a stop when Kody Walker is stopped on a 4th and 3 run at the Missouri 31 yard line with 4:17 left in the quarter.

– The Tigers possession would end when Bud Sasser catches a slant pass but fumbles and Arkansas recovers at the Missouri 49 yard line.

– Missouri’s defense would force an Arkansas punt but a terrific special teams play would down the punt at the Tigers 2 yard line where they start their next drive.

– A first down pass to Bud Sasser gets the Tigers off of their own goal line and the quarter ends with Mizzou facing a 3rd and 7 at their own 19 yard line.

End 3rd Quarter: Arkansas 14 Mizzou 6