The Keystone XL Pipeline under construction (courtesy; Wikimedia commons)

The Keystone XL Pipeline under construction (courtesy; Wikimedia commons)

The U.S. House has voted to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline, clearing the way for the Senate to vote on the bill next week.

Missouri’s Congressional delegation voted along party lines with Republicans Sam Graves, William Long, Jason Smith, Ann Wagner, Vicky Hartzler and Blaine Luetkemeyer all supporting the legislation and Democrats Lacy Clay and Emanuel Cleaver opposing it.

The legislation has gained momentum in large part because Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu is championing it, in an effort to help her in a runoff election against Republican Representative Bill Cassidy, the sponsor of the bill approved today by the House.

Senate backers say they have the 60 votes needed to pass it.

In a statement Congressman Graves wrote he is “proud to have once again voted in favor of building the Keystone XL Pipeline,” which he says will, “create good-paying American jobs and lower energy prices.”

Congresswoman Hartzler writes the project would not only, “decrease our dependence on foreign oil, it would also help drive down the cost of gas, allowing American families to save more of their hard-earned dollars.”

The State Department is six years into a review of the project. President Barack Obama tells reporters his position hasn’t changed – that the pipeline is facing a challenge from landowners in Nebraska and he doesn’t think that should be bypassed.

Congressman Luetkemeyer writes, “After 2,247 days since backers of the Keystone XL pipeline first submitted an application to the U.S. State Department to build this project, the House sent yet another strong signal to President Obama to stop stalling and approve this measure.”