Republicans not only held on to their veto-proof majorities in the state House and Senate in Tuesday’s election, they grew them.

House Majority Floor Leader John Diehl (Photo courtesy; Tim Bommell, Missouri House Communications)

House Speaker-Elect John Diehl (Photo courtesy; Tim Bommell, Missouri House Communications)

The GOP have gained at least seven seats in the state House, moving its total membership there to 117 with one race still too close to call. The party now controls 25 seats in the state Senate.

House Speaker-Elect John Diehl, R-Town and Country, says he believes Missouri voters have said clearly what direction they want the state to go.

“They’re tired of bigger government. They want us to focus on policies that will grow our economy, provide economic opportunity to the residents of the state, and put the control of education decisions back in local control,” says Diehl.

Diehl says his caucus will meet today and he’s looking forward to starting the discussion about what it will try to accomplish.

“A lot of our members are going to be new and I want to include them into what our policy direction is going to be,” says Diehl. “I think over the next 30 to 50 days we’re going to develop a legislative agenda that we can move forward and take advantage of the majority that we have.”