Only about 40 percent of Missouri voters are anticipated to go to the polls today. Missouri’s Secretary of State hopes you prove that prediction wrong.

Secretary of State Jason Kander

Secretary of State Jason Kander

The statewide turnout prediction is based on voter turnout predictions from each local election authority in the state. Secretary of State Jason Kander’s office then adds those up, and for today’s election, the predicted turnout is just over 39 percent or about 1.6-million voters.

If that proves accurate, Kander says it would be low.

“In 2010, for example, about 47 percent of registered Missourians cast ballots. In 2006 the actual turnout was about 53 percent,” says Kander. “Those were mid-term elections so obviously mid-term elections, the turnout’s been historically a little bit lower.”

Kander challenges Missouri voters to exceed that total.

“Obviously as the chief election official of the state I would love to see participation well above 40 percent, so I would love for that estimate to be proven wrong. I think that would be a very good thing.”

Those who need help knowing where to vote and what to take can learn those things and more at the Secretary of State’s website.

“Voters can visit to find out where their polling location is, they can view a sample ballot and find out what they need to bring to the polls,” says Kander.

One reason for the lower turnout prediction is the lack of a so-called “key race,” such as for President or Governor. The keys in this race for Missouri are whether Republicans will retain a supermajority in the state House, and the performance of four ballot issues.

Polls open this morning at 6 and close at 7 tonight.