Missouri hospital leaders have been holding their annual emergency preparedness confercnce this week. Emergency preparedness by hospitals is in the spotlight because of Ebola cases that are being treated in Ameircan hospitals. Missouri has not had any Ebola cases, but a spokesman for the state’s hospitals says they’re ready to handle any emergency.

The Missouri Hospital Association says emergency preparedness has been an action item for hospitals since the 2001 terrorist attacks. Association Vice President Dave Dillon says the annual get-togethers keep the preparedness fresh. “That is how you improve quality across the board,” he says.

Dillon says hospitals have a lot of experience dealing with emergencies. As he puts it, “Every day is an emergency in a hosital in one way or another.”

He says hospitals have plans in place and people who can affect outcomes in emergencies have been trained to operate the systems needed to respond to emergencies, whether it’s a natural disaster such as a tornado, or a disease outbreak such as the flu or even Ebola.

AUDIO: Dillon interview with Missourinet’s Bob Priddy 11:04