Summer leaves us at 9:29 tonight. But the Missouri Department of Transportation already is thinking a season ahead.

If you have some spare time to hit the road in the nastiest weather of the year, the transportation department might have a truck for you to drive. The department is recruiting seasonal workers for emergency snowplow duty. It needs the part-timers to provide relief for the 2400 maintenance workers who will carry the bulk of the snow removal workload.

Maintenance Engineer Randy Aulbur says the department is looking for people who can be available at any time. “A lot of times we’ll attract people that are retired from over-the-road driving or even our own folks that have retired,” he says.

The department wants people at least 18 years old with a commercial driver’s license with no airbrake restrictions and a clean criminal record.

They have to pass a drug test. Applications are accepted through the MODOT web page or with calls to the department toll-free number 888-ASK-MODOT.

The department runs training sessions for its own people and for the part-timers to get them ready to drive the snow removal equipment.

AUDIO: Aulbur interview 7:14