Will Muschamp looked flustered with a blank stare across his face in overtime.

Will Muschamp looked flustered as the cameras showed his demeanor a few times during the overtime period.

As I flipped over to the SEC Network to watch the end of the Florida-Kentucky game, the Wildcats had just scored to go up 27-20 and the Gators were getting their first chance in overtime.  When the cameras flashed to Florida head coach Will Muschamp, I saw a coach that looked almost shell shocked, maybe a little lost?  He did not look like a guy that I’d want leading me.

This is not the view of leader.  Would you want a general to look like this on the battle field?  What about a CEO in a board meeting when quarterly profits are lower than projected.  How about your doctor when he’s looking at your X-rays?  Get the point.  This look does not ooze confidence.

Blank stare, hair messed up, sweating.  You won’t see Nick Saban with a look like this on the sideline.  Mark Richt never looks out of control.  Even Gary Pinkel under his visor portrays an outward image that he has a handle on the situation. Not Mushcamp.  Not on Saturday night.

Where is the Florida program after three weeks into the football season?  Will other teams take notice of Kentucky now?  What’s on tap for Mizzou with South Carolina and Georgia coming up after this game with Indiana?

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