Candance Sall (photo/MU News Bureau)

Candace Sall (photo/MU News Bureau)

Candace Sall is an associate curator for the Museum of Anthropology at MU.  A now she is a world record holder.  Back in late August, Candace set a new world record for distance in the primitive simple composite bow 50 lb archery class at the National Flight Archery Championships held at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Flight archery is the only discipline in archery that does not involve a target and is measured by the distance the arrow flies.  She shot a distance of 244.55 meters shattering the previous world record of 207 meters.  Since, this is the United States, I’ll convert that to fee for you…that’s 802 feet, four inches.  The previous record was 679 feet.

The Museum of Anthropology curates the Grayson Archery Collection, the largest archery collection in the world. A sample of the collection is currently on display at the Museum Support Center, located on Rock Quarry Rd. If you are interested, tours can be scheduled in advance by calling 573-882-9157.