The legislature has overturned Governor Nixon’s veto of a new anti-abortion bill. But the action has led to an early end to the veto session.

The House and Senate oveturned dozens of Nixon vetoes before calling it a session early this morning. Senate Republicans shut things down first after using a seldom-utilized parliamentary move to end debate on the bill extending the 24-hour abortion waiting period to 72 house. Irate Democrats spread the word after the vote that nothing else was going to come to a vote in the Senate.

Democrats had launched a filibuster attacking the bill as unnecessary and dangerous.

One of the leaders of the effort, Scott Sifton of St. Louis, had argued that tripling the waiting time for an abortion can be a life-or-death issue for mothers.

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Senate Minority leader Jolie Justus says Republicans have passed so many bills limiting access to abortions that it’s a wonder Missouri has even one clinic left.

The bill got just enough votes for the override. Senate leaders adjourned with a handful of vetoed bills overriden by the House waiting for action after Justus told them the debate cutoff so antagonized Democrats, who had control of the floor after the override, that they would block votes on any of those other bills.