Good morning!  The college football season is finally here. Last year proved the Tigers can compete in the SEC, but yet at Football Media Days in Alabama, the experts picked Missouri for 4th.

I get the feeling the “good ole boys and girls” from the deep south still aren’t ready to give the Tigers enough credit.  That’s not to say the Tigers couldn’t finish in fourth…the East will be competitive with South Carolina, Georgia and Florida expected to be in the mix, but c’mon.  They (the media) couldn’t bring themselves to give Missouri a little bit of respect?

It shows me that many outside this state believe it was a fluke season.

Honestly, there is no clear winner in the SEC East.  We saw what happened to Spurrier’s Gamecocks on Thursday night…they need some fixing.  Can Georgia stay healthy?  How good is their defense?  Florida will have a good defense, but how will the Gators do with a new offensive system?  Those other teams have just as many question marks as the Tigers.

Which leads to today’s Google Hangout.  What will it take for Missouri to compete again in the SEC East?