UPDATE: The family of Michael Brown and their attorney will speak with members of the media this afternoon at the Jennings Mason Temple Church of Christ in Jennings. Missourinet will have more from that conference later today.

Governor Jay Nixon has asked the federal Justice Department to launch an independent investigation of a shooting in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson that has triggered demonstrations and some looting.  In a tweet sent Monday, Nixon stated he, “asked DOJ to conduct a thorough, transparent & impartial review of the shooting.”

United States Attorney General Eric Holder had already announced the department would monitor the situation involving the death of 18-year old Michael Brown Saturday afternoon near an apartment complex. Brown was shot several times following a scuffle with a Ferguson police officer.

The St. Louis County police department will investigate and says the FBI will launch a parallel investigation.

A vigil for Brown on Saturday turned into a demonstration Saturday night, with some looting of local businesses and car damage reported.

Authorities report a large number of disturbance and burglary calls last night.  County Police Chief  Jon Belmar has told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch it was a “miracle” that nobody was shot last night.

Looting at local QuikTrip convenience store in Ferguson Sunday night. (Video courtesy LiveLeak)

Ferguson’s police chief, Tom Jackson, says his department is prepared for more trouble tonight  but is expecting a quiet night.