Passage of the Right to Farm Amendment is still not assured.  The final outcome might not be determined until it’s almost October.

The urban vote almost wiped out the substantial majority given the amendment in  rural Missouri.  But it has survived by an unofficial 2,528 votes out of almost 995,000 votes cast.

Certification of the results could take most of the rest of this month.  State law says the state pays for recounts when the margin is less than half a percent.  The margin in this case is .0025%.

Secretary of State spokesman Kevin Flannery says the first step is declaring the results official by August 26.  A recount can be sought within seven days after certification.

The request for the recount has to come within seven days after that certification from someone who voted against the proposal.  A spokesman for the opponents already has said that request will be filed.

The Secretary of State then has twenty more days to work with local election officials to recount and re-certify the vote.  If all the steps of that process go the maximum time, it will be about September 23 before we learn if the amendment did, indeed, pass

AUDIO: Flannery 4:23