Tuesday’s statewide primary offered voters five changes to the Missouri Constitution, and the results were mixed:

CheckMarkA recount will have to confirm the 2,528 “yes” votes for Constitutional Amendment 1, which makes agriculture and ranching a right for Missourians. Someone on the losing side will have to ask for he recount after the results are certified.

CheckMarkAmendment 5 affirmed the already-established right to bear arms and obligates the state government to uphold that right.

no boxAmendment 7 would have created a three-quarter-cent sales tax to generate $540 million a year for 10 years for highway and infrastructure improvements.

no boxVoters rejected Amendment 8, which would have directed the Missouri Lottery Commission to create and sell a special ticket for the Missouri Veteran’s Commission’s capital improvement trust fund.

CheckMarkAmendment 9 states that citizens’ electronic and digital communications should be protected from unreasonable search and seizure. Voters overwhelmingly agreed.

Missourinet’s Bob Priddy summarizes primary night outcomes (2:00)