Missouri voters want a right to farm, approve an inalienable right to carry guns, and don’t want law enforcement poking around in their electronic records without a warrant.

But they don’t want to raise money for veterans’ services by buying a special lottery ticket and they don’t think a sales tax is any way to maintain and expand the state’s transportation system.

The Right to Farm Amendment has passed by such a thin margin that a recount is warranted.  The gun rights amendment got about 61% of the vote, and the electronic security amendment found favor with almost 75% of the voters.

But the transportation sales tax, which supporters thought had a chance for a narrow victory, has been rejected by almost 60% of the voters.  And a proposed lottery ticket to benefit veterans’ programs and services has drawn only 45% voter support.


Amendment Seven, the transportation sales tax measure, drew the most interest from voters.  It also took the worst defeat of any of the amendments on the ballot.  The Secretary of  State says 998,495 votes were cast on that issue.


Four Republican  Representatives who faced retribution for refusing to help override Governor Nixon’s veto of  a controversial tax cut bill have survived challenges from within their own party.  Representatives Nate Walker, Paul Fitzwater, Jeffrey Messenger, and Lyle Rowland faced opponents that received tens of thousands of dollars in help from a political action committee largely bankrolled by financier Rex Sinquefield, who wanted the veto overridden.


Republicans candidates have won two of three special elections for House seats, giving the GOP 110 members in the House, enough to override the 33 vetoes issued by the Governor after the Spring legislative session.


State Auditor Tom Schweich, the only statewide candidate on the ballot, needed only one vote to advance to the general election but he got 431,809.  He had no primary election opposition.  He only needs one vote to win in November.  The Democrats have not entered a candidate against him.  Schweich is considered a Republican candidate for Governor in 2016.