One more door has been closed for prison inmate Michael Worthington, due to be executed just after midnight.  Governor Nixon has denied clemency. Earlier this evening, the U. S. Supreme Court refused to take up Worthington’s latest appeal.  The Governor’s statement says:

“Today, my counsel provided me with a final briefing on the comprehensive review of the petition for clemency from convicted murderer and rapist Michael Worthington. Each request for clemency is considered and decided on its own merit and set of facts, and this is a process and a power of the Governor I do not take lightly. After due consideration of the facts, I am denying this petition.

There is no question about the brutality of this crime – or doubt of Michael Worthington’s guilt. Melinda “Mindy” Griffin, only 24 years old, was viciously raped and killed in her own home by Worthington. DNA evidence and his possession of items stolen from her home reinforced his confession and guilty pleas to murder, rape and burglary. My denial of clemency upholds the court’s decision to impose the death penalty for this horrific killing.

I ask that the people of Missouri remember Mindy Griffin, and keep her and her family in their thoughts and prayers.”