Missouri’s junior Senator of President Obama’s trip to Kansas City and the way the President blasted Congress.

The President ripped Congress for blocking all of his economic initiatives and called on Congress to “stop being mad all the time”  and “stop this hatin’ all the time.”

But Senator Blunt finds that kind of talk antagonistic and counterproductive.  He says he used to tell new members of the House  the new person on the other side of an argument also is well motivated but they’re just wrong in the way their argument is perceived.  But being wrong doesn’t mean somebody is bad. Blunt thinks Obama should have stayed in Washington instead of campaigning in Kansas City  against Congress.

“We need Presidential leadership. Presidential leadership matters and legislatively we don’t have the kind of leadership that helps work through difficult situations,” he says.

He says the President should be working with his party and with Blunt’s party to get things done.

AUDIO: Blunt Q&A 3:38