Jeremy Maclin (screenshot/

Jeremy Maclin (screenshot/

Before Monday’s practice, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was asked about some pushing and shoving between one of his offensive stars, LeSean McCo,y and linebacker Trent Cole.  Kelly had a great line when he said, “Those things happen…It’s no different than sometimes little kids don’t get along very well and throw Tonka trucks at each other.”

For the second consecutive day, tempers flared up as former Mizzou star Jeremy Maclin got into a tussle with cornerback Brandon Fletcher towards the end of Monday’s training in front of almost 15,000 fans at the Eagles’ home stadium during Military Appreciation Day.  Fletcher blew it off as just one of those things that takes place in July.

“Emotions got going and one thing led to another, but we’ll come back and practice again after our day off,” Fletcher said. “It’s football. The emotions get going and things happen, but we’re all working to get better.”

Maclin on the other hand didn’t look too pleased with the way things ended and walked off the field declining to speak to reporters.  Both Maclin and Fletcher were throwing punches at each other (with their helmets on…not smart), after a pass play to Maclin down the sideline.  Neither player was hurt.

Maclin is entering his sixth year with the Eagles.  Since joining the team as a first round draft pick in 2009, Maclin has a team-high 258 receptions.