An annual survey of the welfare of Missouri’s children shows Missouri is not a place where all of the children are above average.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s annual “Kids Count” survey looks at sixteen behaviors in four categories. Missouri is 29th in the ratings. Its highest ranking is 22nd in education. Its lowest ranking is 30th in childhood health. Figures from various federal agencies are used in compiling the ratings.

This year’s survey sees improvements in education in the last decade. But Foundation spokesman Laurie Spear says improvement in childhood health is limited although the figures for low-birth rate children are better.

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Although the teen birth rate has dropped, it is only keeping up with a national trend.

She indicates one of the disappointing results is that almost one-fourth of Missouri’s children live in poverty–23 percent–an increase from 2005.

Missouri’s rankings:

Economic well-being 24

Education 22

Health 30

Family and community 27

Overall 29

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