Senator McCaskill tells a national veterans conference everybody in Washington talks about helping veterans.  But she says it’s harder to actually do something.  And Senator Blunt says it’s time to end a “shameful” breach of faith.

McCaskill and Blunt are members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  She tells the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention in St. Louis there can be no compromises in fully funding promised benefits for veterans.

McCaskill says it’s time to clean house at the Veterans Administration, especially targeting administrators who retaliate against whistleblowers who report poor administrative operations.

Blunt calls the state of veterans healthcare  a “shameful” and unacceptable breach of faith with veterans and their families.  He says it’s also a breach of faith with responsible Veterans Administration employees who try to do a good job and who call attention to shoddy work and administrative practices, yet are penalized for doing it.

AUDIO: McCaskill 9:39

AUDIO: Blunt 12:46