SEC Media Days starts today.

SEC Media Days starts today.

Today’s the start of SEC football Media Days. Four days that put the coaches and key players from each of the teams in front of the media in Birmingham, Alabama.  Mizzou Quarterback Maty Mauk, center Evan Boehm and defensive end Markus Golden join coach Gary Pinkel on Wednesday morning. While this event will lack the star power of Johnny Manziel, and other high profile names in year’s past, the event draws more and more media each preseason.

When the SEC started keeping track of the media attendance in 2005, there were 500 who showed up.  Now, this year will set another record with a staggering number of radio broadcasters, TV reporters, internet bloggers, print media, etc.  What until you hear how many they are expecting.  (I’ll share the numbers in my video below).

Over the last seven months, these so-called experts have been digesting the National Championship Game and this past SEC season.  They’ve done their research, drawn their conclusions and now on Thursday, when it comes time to predict the SEC Champ, surely, they’ll be correct.  I mean the SEC media has had a high level of success when it comes to predicting which team will win the SEC Championship year in and year out, right?  WRONG.

So, for you my viewers and readers…before you go bragging about how your team is going to win the whole thing, or before you start complaining how your school didn’t get respect, watch my video.  When Thursday rolls around and you see where your school is predicted to finish…most of you will be able to take solace in the fact that the prediction will be wrong.

Year-Who the Media pick-where they finished-Actual SEC Champ
1992 Florida, Lost in SEC Champ. Game– Alabama
1993 Alabama, Lost in SEC Champ. Game– Florida
1994 Florida, Won SEC Championship Game
1995 Florida, Won SEC Championship Game
1996 Tennessee, 2nd in East– Florida
1997 Florida, T2nd in East– Tennessee
1998 Florida, 2nd in East– Tennessee
1999 Tennessee, 2nd in East– Alabama
2000 Alabama, T5th in West– Florida
2001 Florida, 2nd in East– LSU
2002 Tennessee, 3rd in East– Georgia
2003 Auburn, 3rd in West– LSU
2004 Georgia, 2nd in East– Auburn
2005 Tennessee, 5th in East– Georgia
2006 Auburn, T2nd in West– Florida
2007 LSU, Won SEC Championship Game
2008 Florida, Won SEC Championship Game
2009 Florida, Lost in SEC Champ. Game– Alabama
2010 Alabama, 4th in West–Auburn
2011 Alabama, 2nd in West– LSU
2012 LSU, T2nd in West– Alabama
2013 Alabama, T1st in West– Auburn