Missouri has a list of more than 330 people who haven’t been seen for a few days….to several decades.      

If John W. Wagner of Palmyra is still alive, he’s 63.   He has been missing since February 18, 1968.   Michael and Sherry Johnson of Independence have been missing since November of ’74. He’d be 51. She’d be 43.   Dixe May Forester of Springfield was a grownup when she disappeared in 1971. She’d be coming up on 75.

“We have 156 adults and 175 juveniles listed as missing,” says Sergeant Eric Eidson, “They stay on the list until the investigating law enforcement agency removes them.”   He thinks many of the people on the list are runaways or people who just don’t want to be found.  

People going to the Patrol’s web page and clicking on “missing persons” will be directed to the list. Some will have “posters” showing a photograph and a brief description of the disappearance and contact numbers to report locating the person.

Some of the entries have age-enhanced photographs showing how they missing person would look today.      

He says most people put on the list are found relatively quickly by law enforcement. Sometimes, a long time after the disappearance, relatives call to ask if there are any new developments—an indication that hope remains long after someone disappears.