A movie shot largely at the historic Missouri State Penitentiary and other locations in Jefferson City has been released on video on demand.  The film’s writer and director Andrew P. Jones recently joined Missourinet for a video interview about the release (below).

The Haunting of Cell Block 11 was filmed in late 2012 and first screened in Jefferson City in July 2013. The film is about a team of ghost hunters who star in a struggling reality TV show

“The ratings aren’t very good because they go in the haunted places and they just can’t get anything. They’re not really getting any real paranormal activity or evidence,” says Jones.

Looking for better results, the crew goes to an abandoned prison where they encounter an evil spirit that attacks humans.

“It turns out to be a little more than they bargained for and there’s real activity there, and then it’s a fight for their lives,” says Jones.

Jones still speaks highly of his time in Jefferson City and says he appreciated the reception and cooperation he and his crew received. He says he’s working on other scripts and hopes to shoot in the region again. One possibility is a sequel to Haunting, but whether that will move forward depends on how the first film is received.

“It’s now in the public’s hands,” says Jones.

The movie is available to rent or buy digitally through several providers including Medicom (though some glitches have been reported with the early rollout), Google Play, YouTube, Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 Live. For a complete list of providers, visit the film’s website.