Here's your get out of work note.

Here’s your get out of work note.

By the time you watch this video, the game between the U.S. and Germany could well be over.  Or it may still be going on because the referee added additional time at the end.  (Again, one of the dumbest rules in ALL of sports.  If you can’t decide a soccer match in 90 minutes and play around all the flopping, what’s another two or three minutes going to do?)

Anyway.  I’m really not trying to bad mouth soccer.  I’m trying to enjoy the game, but I’m looking for a fan to sit with me, have a beer and discuss and show me the strategy of the game so I can come to appreciate it like the many others  in our country who are getting ready for this match that starts at 11 a.m. Central.

I thought a clever tweet was sent out by U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann…the same guy who said the U.S. didn’t stand any real chance of getting out of pool play.  Klinsmann created a “get out of work” note that you could take to your employer to get the day off so you can watch the mid-morning match.  I like it…very creative.

Here’s the one problem.  As Coach Klinsmann writes about this “critical” game…it’s anything but critical.  We all know what’s going to happen, or what should happen.  This game will end in a tie.  If it does, Germany advances to the next round and so does the U.S.  I know the Germans are mathematically not in the next round yet, and while both teams says they don’t have an agreement to play to a tie, it’s going to end that way.  I guarantee it.  If not…I’ll take a soccer ball to the head on my next video!