More than 1200 fireworks stands are open in Missouri for the Independence Day holiday.

Acting State Fire Marshall Greg Carrell says his thirty inspectors seldom find anything wrong when they visit fireworks stands. He says consumers should only buy consumer-labeled fireworks and if they see something not marked or in brown paper or marked as “display fireworks,” they should avoid them. Those aren’t legal. And contact his office.

Carrell says some grass and structure fires are tied to improper use of fireworks each year, but injuries are few. He says the best way to enjoy them is to go to local July 4th fireworks shows. “You get to see all sorts of different colors and types of fireworks and you get to be part of the crowd,” he says. “The ‘oohs’ and the ‘ahhs’ that come from seeing the fireworks displays are part of the experience.”

He says hand and foot injuries are the most common—whether it’s a firework exploding in the hand or someone stepping on something like a burned-out, but still hot sparkler.

Fireworks stands can stay open until July 10th.

AUDIO: Carrell interview 11:23